29 excellent ecommerce blog posts you might have missed in 2016

Posted by Abi Davies 20 Dec 16

typewriter image Whilst reading an article in the New York Times recently, we came across the Jorge Luis Borges quote: ‘You are not what you write, but what you have read’.

Today, we have information on (almost) any topic at our fingertips; all it takes is a cursory Google search and - bam - five minutes later our perspective and outlook can change forever.

But, also thanks to technology, today we have more distractions than ever -  whether that’s the Mail’s sidebar of shame or Snapchat’s addictive filters. Consequently, it’s easy to miss genuinely useful content that could help you on your journey to ecommerce success.

So, to start 2017 feeling up-to-date and on top of your game, here are 29 articles from across the web (including a few of our own) you should have read this year.

Email design  

1) Accessibility in email design: 5 tips for ensuring everyone can enjoy your emails

From the Ometria blog | Ometria’s inhouse email experts on simple but effective ways marketers can make their emails more accommodating.

2) 13 of the best examples of beautiful email design

From the Hubspot blog | Which brands were creating beautiful, captivating emails this year?

3) 12 design takeaways from 2016 - the year of enthralling emails

Email Monks | From the rise of mobile to the appropriate use of ‘white space’, this post provides a concise list of important email design takeaways from 2016.

4) Email preheader best practices for ecommerce marketers

From the Ometria blog | Subject lines are important, but don’t forget about preheader text - they’re more important than you think. Here’s how to get it right. designer at work


5) Four big things email marketers need to know about iOS 10

From the Ometria blog | The main things email marketers ought to know about Apple’s iOS 10 update.

6) 5 mobile marketing methods to build your ecommerce brand

From Forbes | Never underestimate the importance of an effective mobile marketing strategy. This post shares five powerful mobile marketing methods to ensure the journey from browse to buy is totally seamless.

7) How fashion ecommerce brands use mobile marketing personalisation

From Referral SaaSquatch | How are ecommerce brands using mobile marketing personalisation to create a bespoke customer experience?

8) What were the biggest mobile marketing trends of 2016?

From the Econsultancy blog | A look back at the most important mobile trends of the past 12 months.

Lifecycle marketing

9) 8 ingenious examples of lifecycle emails from Boden

From the Ometria blog | Former content writer Huw made waves in February with this blog post on Boden’s flawless lifecycle marketing. 

10) What is lifecycle marketing?

From Smart Insights | Still not really sure? This post sums it up nicely.

11) 19 email marketing strategies for every customer lifecycle stage

From Paymill | The 5 main stages of the customer lifecycle, and the marketing strategies based on each of them.

12) How to optimise your welcome emails

From the Ometria blog | Focusing on the early stages of the lifecycle journey, this post brings together a handful of tests you can run on your welcome series to discover what works best for you.

13) 20 reasons to love NET-A-PORTER’s welcome email series

From the Ometria blog | Following on from the above post, here we take a closer look at welcome emails in action.

net-a-porter.png14) 6 top-notch replenishment email examples to show you how it’s done

From the Ometria blog | If you’re a brand selling replenishable items, this blog post is a must-read.


15) Segmentation vs 1:1 personalisation - which wins in ecommerce marketing?

From the Ometria blog | What level of personalisation do today’s subscribers expect? This blog post takes a look at the difference between basic segmentation and 1:1 personalisation.

16) How Missguided uses personalisation to create an addictive shopping experience

From the Econsultancy blog | What Mark Leach, head of ecommerce at Missguided, had to say about personalisation at the Festival of Marketing 2016.

17) 4 big lessons in personalisation from the experts

From the Ometria blog | What our panel of experts had to tell ecommerce marketers about overcoming the barriers to personalisation.

18) 4 ways to make your newsletters impressively personal

From the Ometria blog | Whether you’re a personalisation pro or starting from scratch, this post lists four way to make your brand’s newsletter truly bespoke.


19) Everything you need to know about Instagram’s shoppable photos

From the Ometria blog | This year, Instagram revealed it’s in the process of testing new shopping features with a select group of iOS users and handful of big brands.

20) Social media ecommerce: The complete guide to social shopping

From Sprout Social | A comprehensive guide to social media and ecommerce. Great for those after key stats surrounding social media demographics, browsing habits and revenue.

21) What does Snapchat offer ecommerce marketers?

From the Ometria blog | From a high-school fad to one of today’s most successful and valued apps, here’s why marketers need to jump on the Snapchat bandwagon. 

22) 11 key customer segments you should be targeting using custom audiences

From the Ometria blog | The different customer segments you can approach through custom audiences to ensure your ads are noticed by the right people.

Influencer marketing

23) Why ‘ASOS Insiders’ is a stroke of influencer marketing genius

From the Ometria blog | It’s a simple idea but has taken the fashion world by storm. This blog post takes a close look inside ‘ASOS Insiders’.  


24) Eight influencer marketing stats for fashion & beauty brands

From the econsultancy blog | The most interesting stats to come out of Fashion & Beauty Monitor’s report: ‘The Rise of Influencers’, created in partnership with econsultancy.

25) 4 splendid ways to promote influencer-generated content

From the Ometria blog | Once you’re brand has some brilliant user-generated content under its belt, here’s how you can share it with the rest of the world.

Campaign attribution

26) Email campaign attribution 101: an ecommerce marketer’s guide

From the Ometria blog | In this post, data scientist at Ometria looks at: why campaign attribution is so hard to get right, the most commonly used models and how to carry out the calculation yourself.

Future trends

27) 4 ecommerce marketing trends you can expect to see in 2017

From the Ometria blog | What 17 ecommerce experts taught us about where the industry is headed next year.

28) 5 ways artificial intelligence is shaping the future of ecommerce

From Entrepreneur | From visual search to enhanced personalisation: here’s how AI will impact ecommerce in the coming years.

29) 6 important insights from Ometria’s consumer census 2016

From the Ometria blog | To predict the future, you need to reflect on the past. This post rounds up some of the most important insights to emerge from our Consumer Census 2016.


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