23 Ecommerce Blog Posts You Should Have Read in 2015

Posted by Huw Jenkins 27 Dec 15

shutterstock_217702897_png.pngTrashy TV, scrabble playing, juicy family gossip: the holiday period is the perfect opportunity to catch up on the things you may have missed out on throughout the year.

So in the festive spirit, we’ve taken a look through our favourite blogs from the past 365 days of ecommerce activity to bring you some amazing insights from the experts at the top of the industry, in case you missed them first time around. Enjoy! 


1) Ecommerce Email Marketing: 10 Tips to Boost Product Sales

From the Shopify blog | From A/B testing to milestone campaigns, this well-researched guide to email marketing best practice from the guys at Shopify shows how to segment customers, target them across multiple channels, and personalise your communication to drive sales.

2) The surprising data about how often to send promotional emails

From the Campaign Monitor blog | This blog from Campaign Monitor explores how often you should send promotional emails and what to consider when deciding how frequently to send yours.

3) How 7 Retailers Use Welcome Emails to Tell Their Brand Story

From the Ometria blog | Here are seven clever ways that brands are incorporating their story into their welcome email campaigns. 

4) 5 Experts Give You Their Triggered Campaign Advice

From the emailmonday blog | emailmonday got five email marketing and conversion rate experts to review an email campaign from easyJet to bring us some great tips on rolling out a successful triggered campaign.

5) 6 Key Insights from 100K Email Receipts Sent 

From the Receiptful blog | After analysing 100K email receipts, the guys at Receiptful put together this handy infographic to share their six key insights and learnings.

Data & metrics

6) 4 Useful Data Reports To Shed (New) Light On Your Ecommerce Marketing Performance

From the Ometria blog | Our resident ecommerce expert, James Dunford Wood, talks about a number of cohort reports that he believes are especially important and actionable, to give you better visibility into your ecommerce performance.

7) Decoding Customer Lifetime Value and Designing Buyer Behavior

From the Shopify blog |This article illustrates why using CLV to understand buyer behavior is now more important than ever and how to utlise this information to guide customer loyalty.

8) Customer Acquisition Cost: The One Metric That Can Determine Your Company’s Fate

From the Kissmetrics blog |This post from Kissmetrics explains the CAC metric in great detail and explores how you can measure it, and what steps you can take to improve it.


9) Best Ecommerce Product Pages: 12 First-Class Examples of Product Page Perfection

From the Ometria blog | This blog from our blog highlights twelve product page examples from brands that have combined all the essential elements of high-converting product pages with some seriously slick design.

10) 8 UX Requirements for Designing a User-Friendly Homepage Carousel

From the Baymard blog | Research from Baymard shows that homepage carousels can be helpful to users if they adhere to eight key implementation details.

11) 3 UX Tweaks to Increase Repeat Purchases

From the Kissmetrics blog | Upping customer retention rates by just 5% can increase profits up to 95%, suggests this blog from Kissmetrics post which explores quick tips to increase repeat purchases.

12) Here’s How the Rules of Ecommerce UX Have Changed Since Your Last Redesign

From the friendbuy blog | Ecommerce UX design is continually evolving, requiring ecommerce stores to keep an ear to the ground. This post from friendbuy explores the ever changing landscape of UX.

13) 6 Psychological Triggers that Win Sales and Influence Customers

From the Shopify blog | This guest post from Shopify explores how to build influence triggers into your online store to start getting more sales and customers.


14) Everything You Need to Know About Twitter's New 'Buy' Button

From the Ometria blog | Twitter joined the movement to make the mobile purchasing process smoother with its new ‘buy’ button earlier this year. Want to know more about how this will affect online retailers?

15) 10 Inspiring Ecommerce Examples of Social Media Done Right (and How You Can Implement Them)

From the Shopify blog | Shopify explores 10 inspiring examples of social media done right, across different popular platforms, by different ecommerce businesses.


16) 21 ways online retailers can improve customer retention rates

From the Econsultancy blog | Econsultancy explores 21 tactics ecommerce firms can use to keep customers coming back for repeat purchases, and avoid losing them to competitors.

17) 5 Customer Retention Tools for Long Term Ecommerce Success

From the Hubspot blog | Hubspot recommends five tools you can use on your ecommerce site to encourage repeat purchasing.

18) Inbound Lead Generation: eCommerce Marketing's Missing Link

From the Moz blog | This post from Moz discusses how some online retailers are approaching email from the bottom of the funnel upward, and why this needs to be turned around and much more.

19) The Customer Journey to Online Purchase

From the Think With Google blog | TWG analysed millions of consumer interactions through Google Analytics to show how different marketing channels affect online purchase decisions.

20) 9 Insider Tips from 4 Ecommerce Retention Marketing Experts

From the Ometria blog | A panel of ecommerce marketing experts give their best customer retention advice.


21) Why Meaning Will Ultimately Determine Your Brand's Content Marketing Success

From the Moz blog | In 2015 content was king. This excellent post from Moz makes clear how necessary and how realistic it is for your brand to create meaningful content.

22) The Science of Familiarity: How to Increase Conversions by Being Completely Unoriginal

From the ConversionXL blog | Familiarity has a major impact on our decision-making process, whether we realise it or not. ConversionXL talks about the art of unoriginality to drive conversions.

23) 8 Noteworthy Examples of Inspired Ecommerce Content Marketing

From the Ometria blog | Some of the best efforts in content marketing from online retailers in 2015.


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