16 Brands that are Totally Winning at Shoppable Content

Posted by Hannah Stacey 13 Jun 17

Shoppable content“Content is king!” - the much-repeated mantra of marketers the world over - is rapidly taking on a new significance for online retailers, particularly those trying to get their voices heard in crowded marketplaces, such as fashion.

Undoubtedly, online retailers are wising up to the fact that today’s consumers are part of a new rich-media-driven world order in which making a purchase is often the result of contact with multiple brand touchpoints.

They’re realising that content is a vital contributor to brand experience and, increasingly, they’re blurring the lines between content and commerce, becoming publishers in their own right. Whether in the form of blogs, lookbooks, digital magazines or style guides, online stores are increasingly pushing out editorial-style content as a means of building communities and increasing brand interaction.

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Top Product Pages: our analysis of 5 great examples

Posted by Edward Gotham 10 Feb 17

5 great product pagesProduct pages aren't just a pretty landing page for purchasing. They are your online doorway to gaining customers and revenue.

We'’ve deconstructed the outstanding features on each of the chosen sites (and spotted some other key areas for improvement).

This post is designed to help you keep up-to-date with some of the latest trends, using examples from the top ecommerce product pages out there today.


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Ecommerce website headers: 4 simple things you need to get right

Posted by Hannah Stacey 10 Jan 17

ecommerce website header

Website headers. Sure, they might not be the most glam part of ecommerce store design, but they’re arguably one of the most valuable pieces of on-site real estate going.

Why? They’re often one of the first things a visitor sees when they land on your site, and play an important role in making a killer first impression for newbies to your brand, as well as performing a navigational function that’s crucial to moving browsers on through the journey to purchase.

So yeah, pretty important.

This blog post will walk you through several key elements of ecommerce header design:

  • Primary category/product navigation

  • Secondary navigational elements

  • Search

  • Offers and promotions

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8 Essential Elements of an Excellent Mobile Checkout Process

Posted by Hannah Stacey 14 Jun 16

Ecommerce mobile UX The mobile checkout process has been getting a pretty bad rap lately.

Lacklustre conversion rates and high abandonment levels from smartphones and tablets (estimated at 84% from mobile phones as opposed to 68% from desktop by cloud.IQ) have led to the finger of blame being pointed squarely at poorly-designed mobile websites, and the checkout process in particular.

Context is key when it comes to designing a great user experience, and It’s important for online retailers to consider that mobile users have a whole different set of requirements to their desktop-using contemporaries. They’re probably on-the-go (and as a result are shopping with a certain product in mind), they’re likely to be prone to distraction by incoming phone calls, messages and notifications, they may not be connected to WiFi and so be at the mercy of their 3G connection and, importantly, they’re using a touch-screen device with a smaller screen and a fiddly keyboard.

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4 spectacular guided selling examples

Posted by Huw Jenkins 2 Jun 16

shutterstock_282907193.pngOnce upon a time, online shoppers used the internet to find cheaper prices for products they had already decided to buy.

Nowadays, the web is central to the purchase decision journey - it's part of the reason to buy. 

In fact, half of shoppers spend at least 75% of their total shopping time conducting online research, according to Hubspot

Furthermore, by 202080% of the buying process is expected to occur without any direct human-to-human interaction (robots are comin'), meaning some sort of virtual sales assistant-equivalent is vital, with more shoppers shifting online than ever before.

So, how can ecommerce retailers turn discovery into sales and replicate the virtues of sprightly sales assistants, online? Guided selling, perhaps. 

This blog post will give you a quick peak behind the genius of guided selling, its applications and a few top notch examples (and perhaps a couple of puns). 

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