[Infographic] Online Marketing Strategy: Are You Creeping Out Your Customers?

Posted by Hannah Stacey 9 Sep 14

INFOGRAPHICS_CREEPINGAs new technologies present us with increasingly clever and exciting ways of targeting customers and prospective customers online, it can be tempting to take a flying leap onto the bandwagon without first considering the customer point of view.

Are you inadvertently creeping out or annoying your customers with your marketing tactics? According to a consumer survey we carried out, you just might be.

We asked consumers their thoughts on a range of tactics, including retargeting ads (based on items viewed in an online store or left in a shopping basket), personalised website content (based on data that that retailer has collected about your interaction with the brand), personalised email content (based on items you've viewed in an online store), Twitter ‘listening’ and live chat popups.

You can check out the full results in the infographic below, but here are a few interesting stats that stood out:

  • 86% of 55-64 year olds said they find the prospect of website personalisation ‘annoying’ (click to tweet)
  • 46% of women find product replenishment emails reminding them to repurchase ‘annoying’ but only 23% of men do (click to tweet)
  • 50% of 18-24 year olds think being targeted with ads for items they’ve viewed is ‘annoying’ (click to tweet)


As always, implementing a new strategy without testing it is a risky road to go down. And when it comes to finding out what your customers think about certain marketing tactics, you have various options - from conducting market research or holding focus groups to social media listening, A/B testing or analysing website data.

Whatever you're testing, remember that conversions and profit are the ultimate metrics here: it's up to you to weigh up the cost of a few grumpy tweets or email unsubscribes (especially if they are from high lifetime value customers) with the overall performance of a campaign or marketing tactic. 



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